While anhydrous formulas are great for shampoos, they’re not ideal for conditioners, so we opted to make a really amazing lightweight leave in conditioner and detangler. It truly works for all hair types. Yes, even thin, fine hair. You'll get heat protection and a powerful detangler and frizz fighter all in one product.

YES! You can take either size of our shampoos on an airplane. Our minis are the perfect option for both shampoo and conditioner in your carry-on bag. Bon Voyage!

It will vary from person to person, but you'll get about 7-8 washes from a mini and 28-32 from a full size bottle. These are highly concentrated formulas, so don't be alarmed by the small size–it's part of what make them so sustainable.

We use Oceanworks® PCR plastic for our packaging. Our bottles our 100% PCR, and the caps are 30% PCR. The caps are a lower percentage due to the extra durability needed to ensure the hinge mechanism has long-lasting functionality. Because our formulas are anhydrous, they save water, take less energy to manufacture, and are highly concentrated, so they use less packaging material and cost less to ship.

Our packaging is made from Oceanworks® PCR plastic and can be easily recycled again using your curbside recycling programs. Simply separate the cap from the bottle (they are 2 different kinds of plastic) and throw them in your recycling bin.

Anhydrous formulas are made without water, which means they are a concentrated powder formula that rely on your shower water to turn into a creamy lather. First of all, don't be afraid! They are super simple to use. Jump in the shower and drench your hair, sprinkle a small amount into your palm and flip the cap closed. Then rub your palms together to activate the lather and wash your hair as with traditional shampoo, concentrating on your scalp and roots. Leave on for 3 minutes for the full scalp care and hair growth benefits. Rinse well. That's it–so easy!

After washing your hair, towel dry and let air dry a bit if you like, then squeeze a dollop into your palm. Disperse the conditioner across your palms and work through damp hair. Do NOT rinse out. If your hair is longer, make sure to concentrate on the middle to ends of hair where you need more conditioning and detangling. Comb through with your favorite detangling tool. Our conditioner is formulated to protect against heat and styling damage, but feel free to let your hair air dry, too, for a frizz-free finish. Vacaville conditioner also helps your natural curls and waves maintain that fresh-off-the-beach look to perfection. Pro tip: if your hair is long, use your favorite detangling tool to comb your hair BEFORE showering. Hair is less fragile when it's dry, so doing this before shampooing will help the detangling process and is more gentle on your hair.

Anhydrous means "contains no water". There are many benefits to anhydrous formulas.
1. Less energy to manufacture
2. Concentrated, more stable formulas
3. Less packaging material
4. Cost less to ship
5. They're travel friendly!